Who can request poster printing through OUR? 

  • All undergraduate departments affiliated with VT
  • Faculty
  • Staff

How to place your order: 

To place an order, you will need to complete an ISR in HokieMart. ISR Supplier list name, VT Undergraduate Research Posters. We accept operating and overhead funds. Please attach the poster (PowerPoint/PDF file) to the PO in HokieMart. Once we receive the ISR in office we will print your poster. Please note:

  • No posters will be printed prior to receiving the ISR in our office 
  • All posters must be requested a week in advance
  • Posters can be picked up in Suite 104 Burruss Hall
  • In the notes section, please include:
    • Size of poster
    • When you would like to pick up your poster
    • Name of the person who will picking up
  • Posters can be picked up in Burruss Hall, Suite 104

Printing parameters:

  • Our maximun paper width is 36"
  • We can print from either a PDF or a PowerPoint file
  • Should your poster need to be re-printed for any reason, you will be charged full-price


  • 24x36 or smaller: $15.00
  • All posters larger than 24x36 (our maximum paper width is 36"): $25.00

How to Convert PowerPoint Posters to PDF:

Windows: Office 2010/2013

  • Open your PowerPoint file
  • Click on File and select Save As
  • Go to the Save as Type and save the file as .pdf
  • Click Save to finalize the conversion from PowerPoint to PDF

Mac OSX 2011

  • Open your powerpoint file
  • Click on File and scroll down to Save As
  • Click on the Format bar and choose PDF

Useful Resources:

Have questions or need more information? Please email us. We are here to help!