Operations and initiatives of the Office of Undergraduate Research are guided by an Advisory Board, made up of two undergraduate students, one graduate student, and seventeen faculty members from across the university, who have a proven commitment to and passion for undergraduate research and creative scholarship.

Student Members

Hannah Davis

Graduate Assistant,
Office of Assessment & Evaluation;
Ph.D. Candidate in
Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Educational Psychology

Email: em1@vt.edu

Faculty Members

Alex Aning, Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Alex Aning

Associate Professor, 
Materials Science & Engineering

Phone:  540-231-6849

Email: aaning@vt.edu

Eloise Coupey, Mktg.

Eloise Coupey

Eloise Coupey

Associate Professor

Phone:  540-231-4724

Email: ecoupey@vt.edu


Dennis Dean

Fralin Life Science Institute

Phone:  540-231-5895

Email: deandr@vt.edu

Ed Dorsa

Ed Dorsa

Assistant Director,
School of Architecture & Design

Phone:  540-231-4928

Email: dorsa@vt.edu

Bill Hopkins

Bill Hopkins

Professor, Fish and Wildlife Conservation;
Director, Global Change Center

Phone:  (540) 231-7292

Email: hopkinsw@vt.edu


Paul Knox

University Distinguished Professor;
Senior Fellow for International Advancement;
Founding Dean, Honors College

Phone:  540-231-1695

Email: knox@vt.edu

Amanda MacDonald

Learning Services Librarian
University Libraries

Phone:  540-231-3663

Email: abmacdon@vt.edu

Tom Martin

Tom Martin

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Associate Director,
Institute for Creativity, Art, & Technology

Phone: 540-231-1739

Email: tlmartin@vt.edu

Nancy A Metz, Assoc Professor, English, XCaliber Award

Nancy Metz


Phone:  540-231-8467

Email: nancy.metz@vt.edu

Marian Mollin

Associate Professor, 

Phone:  540-231-8367

Email: mmollin@vt.edu

Nancy A Metz, Assoc Professor, English, XCaliber Award

Biswarup Mukhopadhyay

Associate Professor,

Phone: 540-231-1219 

Email: biswarup@vt.edu


Phyllys Newbill

Associate for Outreach and Engagement,
Institute for Creativity, Arts, & Technology

Phone: 540-231-1319

Email: pnewbill@vt.edu

Jody Alycia Thompson, Associate Director, MAOP, Multicultural Academic Opportunity Program

Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson-Marshall

Multicultural Academic Opportunities Program (MAOP)

Phone: 540-231-5023

Email: jodyt@vt.edu

Elizabeth A Tranter, Research Educ and Dev

Beth Tranter

Beth Tranter

Associate Vice President,
Research Planning

Phone: 540-231-1782

Email: etranter@vt.edu

Thomas Tucker

Thomas Tucker

Associate Professor,
School of Visual Arts

Phone: (540) 231-1318

Email: thomasjt@vt.edu

Brad White

Bradley White

Assistant Professor,

Phone: (540) 231-9529 


Gordon Yee

Gordon Yee

Associate Professor
Inorganic Chemistry;
Director of Undergraduate Programs,

Phone: (540) 231-3090

Email: gyee@vt.edu