Advanced Research Skills Certificate

The University Libraries are pleased to present the Advanced Research Skills Program, now in its fourth year. This series of workshops (see ARS 2017 flyer for details) will help undergraduate students become comfortable with the research skills and tools needed to participate in a variety of exciting research opportunities. For more information or to register, visit:

For questions, contact Amanda MacDonald at



Communicating Research Seminar Series

Come learn about COMMUNICATING YOUR RESEARCH in this interactive 8 week seminar series that will illustrate the principles and techniques that provide a clear and concise means of communicating and presenting research for undergraduates.

September 28th - November 16th

Pamplin Hall, Room 3028

Every Wednesday at 4pm.


Communicating Research introduces undergraduate students to the principles of communicating their research to their peers, as well as to those outside their field of study. Primarily tailored for those students currently involved in research in the sciences; this seminar series will cover a range of topics including: What is research and where is the boundary between the “sciences” and other fields, writing abstracts and proposals, presentation skills (presentations for conferences, seminars, discussants and poster presentations, including different styles between disciplines), principles of academic writing (developing responsible writing skills), preparing research results for publication, writing to diverse audiences, andhow to document research experience on their resume/CV. This seminar series is designed to help undergraduate students make their research communications more understandable, memorable, and persuasive. For more information please contact Aaron Burdette (

*Note if all seminars are attended an award will be given similar to the Advanced Research Skills Certificate.

**Each Seminar will be roughly 1 hour with a workshop for students afterwards**