The Honors College exists to inspire and facilitate an extraordinary education for its students. Over the years, they have come to understand excellence, broadly speaking, as being comprised of five critical experiences:

  1.     Meaningful and sustained relationships with faculty
  2.     Place-based and problem-focused experiences
  3.     Independent Learning
  4.     Intellectual engagement in global contexts
  5.     Undergraduate Research


As one of the Five Critical Experiences, undergraduate research provides students with an opportunity to contribute to their discipline in the spirit of Virginia Tech’s motto, Ut Prosim, “that I may serve.” Students apply classroom concepts in real-world situations to advance their discipline and build relationships with faculty. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) helps students explore their interest in research, locate research opportunities, perform their research, write a thesis, and publish their findings.


In Fall 2017, OUR will partner with the Honors College to launch the Honors Undergraduate Research Program, which will provide an innovative approach to undergraduate research to honors students.





Departmental Honors Programs

Depending on the College and Department, a webpage has been created exclusively to help their students in the Honors College.


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Undergraduate Research/ Independent Study Forms